Vladimir Pozner has explained the harsh statements about the disabled person

Владимир Познер объяснился за резкое высказывание об инвалиде The presenter was justified after the scandalous broadcast, in which he voted against dancer Evgeniya Smirnova, who lost his legs. According to Vladimir Posner, people with disabilities can’t compete with other participants of the TV show.

      Владимир Познер объяснился за резкое высказывание об инвалиде

      Around the show “Minute of fame” does not subside scandals. Recently a jury member and presenter Vladimir Pozner voted against dance Duo Alena Shineway and Evgeny Smirnov, lost a leg. Star TV said that the output of the dancer with a disability on stage can be attributed to the “forbidden techniques”. Renata Litvinova agreed with his colleague, but decided that the young man she called “the amputee”, you still need to continue to participate in the television competition. So the actress and the Director did not evaluate Smirnova and Seneva red button.

      In discussing the dismissal of an employee “minute of fame”

      Recently, Vladimir Putin gave an interview in which explained his position in relation to people with disabilities. The man said he was not surprised by the reaction of the audience, who began to criticize him after the program. “Reacted to this with understanding, but no more. Emotionally or intellectually, it didn’t upset me,” said Posner.

      Владимир Познер объяснился за резкое высказывание об инвалиде

      Mr Putin also more fully explained why he voted against the dancer with an amputated leg.

      “People with disabilities can and should (if they want) to participate in any contests – creative, sport and others – and it is only on a General basis, i.e. on equal terms with everyone else. If the disabled person is able to win due to his skill and talent in this contest – flag in his hands! But to participate in the secret hope that his physical (or other) problems will help him to win, that is, they will be considered jury – no, I’m against. Or all or nothing,” said the presenter.

      Vladimir Pozner believes that people with disabilities can’t compete with those who have no such problems. The presenter stated that in many cases, those obviously weaker than is the case in particular, sports or dance competitions. Such contests Vladimir Putin calls “unsustainable” for the disabled, according to the portal “Orthodoxy and the World”.

      In turn, Renata Litvinova also explained his position in relation to people with disabilities. Celebrity shares the view of colleagues about the “illegal hold”. At the same time she sincerely admired the courage of Eugene Smirnov. In a recent interview, Litvinova said that participants with physical disabilities winners. In recognition of Renata, it is very difficult to assess such competitors, because the actress empathizes with them.

      Recall that a replica of the part of the judges “minute of fame” provoked a heated debate in social networks. Many Internet users criticized the celebrities for being too sharp, in their opinion, the statements. Among those who questioned the adequacy of the jury’s evaluation, was leading Elena Volatile. The woman was supported by Evgenia Smirnova and eight-year-old Victoria Starikov, speaking with the song Zemfira. Renata Litvinova explained the attacks on the young participant of “minute of fame”

      “I’m late, but looked at it nischebrodstvo shower! “Amputee”?! Are you serious?! This is the First?! What I saw in the air of “minute of fame” to his Wife Smirnov and Victoria Starikova, is unacceptable. And then we wonder why in our country people with disabilities for people not to think?!.. Jack, you’re talented, incredibly charismatic, strong, your dancing always touches the soul… And, of course, support Victoria Starikov! Talent, and no matter what she sang for you, gentlemen. What did this little eight-year-old girl, it looked like an execution”, – said Elena Volatile.