Vladimir Pozner explained why again married after 70 years

Владимир Познер объяснил, почему снова вступил в брак после 70 лет The presenter gave an interview with the YouTube star Yuri Dude. Mr Putin spoke about his relationship with third wife, producer Nadezhda Solovyova. Well-known journalist has registered the relationship with the chosen one in 2008.
Владимир Познер объяснил, почему снова вступил в брак после 70 лет

Television journalist Vladimir Pozner was the hero of the new edition of the author’s of the show Yuri Dude. In a short time interview with the famous host became one of the most popular videos on YouTube. Per day from the date of publication it received over two million hits.

During the conversation with Yuri Vladimir Vladimirovich spoke about his work on the First channel, revealed creative plans and raised the issue of his personal life. Posner told about his third marriage with producer Nadezhda Solovyova. The wedding of TV presenter held in 2008. In recognition of Vladimir, he did not think that again goes the knot after 70 years. Nevertheless, it happened.

“I was married in’ 74. And the ability to get women, it’s either there or not. If I said I’m getting married again, I would say that you were stunned. But it happened – apparently, internally I’m still pretty young. Of course, I do sports: I played tennis I have fitness, day after tomorrow again tennis. But I love it. Hats off to those who do, because it is necessary. I, for example, just love tennis,” – said Posner.
Владимир Познер объяснил, почему снова вступил в брак после 70 лет

In recognition of Vladimir Putin, the sense of style he had inherited from his mother. “I always dress up myself. Bright socks I have always from the same shop. But I don’t have as many pairs as it seems, only twenty”, – said the journalist.

Talking to the Dude, the journalist also admitted that he had scheduled an interview with Julian Assange. According to Vladimir Putin, he also pondered about the program, dedicated to Donald Trump.

Владимир Познер объяснил, почему снова вступил в брак после 70 лет“I guess I should. But, in my opinion, it was uninteresting. You know, I have allergies, and serious stupidity, and it’s just about trump… Generally, of course, it would be good to talk to him, but I don’t think he will give interview”, – said the presenter.

Reminiscing about previous releases of his programs, Pozner answered the question Dude why Zemfira called his interview “epic fail”. “I don’t know, it is necessary to ask,” said Mr Putin. In his opinion, the transfer was not such a failure.

“I have left a good impression. Of course, she was initially clamped. I invited her, I was interested. I think she’s a significant person. She could not come, but came anyway. It has thawed only in the second half of the interview… I thought it turned out interesting. Could be interesting, but, you know, not all interviews succeed,” – said the journalist.

Posner and Dude also discussed recent rumors on the Network. Previously, the Internet has reasoned that the jury supposedly will replace Vladimir Putin on the First channel, although the press service of the TV company denied the speculation about the departure of the broadcaster. He gave him to understand that it is not taken seriously to such statements. In discussing the replacement of Vladimir Pozner on the First channel