Владимир Меньшов рисковал жизнью ради Веры Алентовой The actress spoke about life with her husband. According to Alentova, the Director often fulfill many of her desires. Besides Menchov tried to make it so that she never had to stand at the stove.
Владимир Меньшов рисковал жизнью ради Веры Алентовой

Vera Alentova and Vladimir Menshov are one of the most exemplary pairs of domestic show-business. They met while studying in high school theater. Alentova came to do in Moscow, not even hoping that she will be lucky. Prior to that, she refused to study at the medical faculty.

Becoming a student of theatrical high school, she met Menshov. According to Alentova, then he had problems with the teachers.

“We in the beginning were friends. He read a lot, was a scholarly boy. I didn’t understand the teachers, why can’t they see in him what I see,” said Vera Valentinovna.
Владимир Меньшов рисковал жизнью ради Веры Алентовой

When Menshov was 24, he married a classmate. As recognized by the actress, they gradually began to establish a life, they had a child. However Alentova was not able to learn everything that usually makes a woman around the house.

Vladimir Menshov about Vera Alentova: “I’m not her man»

Владимир Меньшов рисковал жизнью ради Веры Алентовой“All aspects of cleaning, washing, nailing the shelves… It was all on me. But I was lucky. Put Menchov. He was born in Baku, where men do not admit women to the kitchen. When I prepared something, he realized quickly stretch the legs, if you will eat what I cook. So he took it upon himself” – shared the star of theatre and film.
Владимир Меньшов рисковал жизнью ради Веры Алентовой

As told Alentova, Menshov still continues to go to the store and buy all the products needed for a particular dish. “I never was bored”, – says the actress. She noted the incredible ability of the Director to make surprises.

“I’m on the eve of his birthday went on tour in St. Petersburg. And noticed, saying, wish to spend this day without him. He jumped in the car on the go! The night was terrible: he slept in my place, and I sat at his feet. But the next day we celebrated my birthday at a wonderful restaurant,” shared memories Alentova.

Vera Valentinovna prefers to talk a lot about work and about the relationship with her husband and daughter. However, his childhood, the actress says without joy and considers it difficult. “Even if it is a complete horror, the child does not understand. For example, when I was five the first time put up a tree and hung the tangerines, that I was not pleased – I didn’t know what it is. Most remarkable to me was to please my mom. When I graduated from second grade to straight a’s, she bought me nuts. And it was bliss! The second happy moment was when I saved up and bought my mother perfume”, – said the star in the “My hero.”