Владимир Машков раскрыл тайну талисмана
The actor admitted that in his childhood he was an icon-a talisman.

Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Vladimir Mashkov confessed that in his childhood he was an icon-a talisman on which was written Don t worry (“worry”).

“He helped me a lot and protected, given the strength not to give in to difficulties. Want to find the same icons with encouraging inscriptions for my granddaughters, Stephanie and Alexandra, so they reminded the girls that you should never give up, — said Vladimir at the premiere of the sports drama “moving up”. This film is about the difficult path of the Soviet national team to victory in the basketball tournament at the Olympics 1972 in Munich.

“I’m sure all athletes have a similar mascots, — said the artist. — I am proud of Russian sport, always worry about our athletes and monitor their victories. Therefore, it was important for me to play Soviet and Russian basketball coach of the team of Vladimir Kondrashin. This is the most demanding role of my career”.