Владимир Машков вспомнил, как жил в общежитии
The actor has officially headed the theater of Oleg Tabakov.

Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS

On performance of students, teachers and employees of the Moscow theater school, Oleg
Tabakov its new artistic Director Vladimir Mashkov indulge in nostalgic memories. “Every day I drive past the College and the food in the home theater, Chaplygina,
1A. The road from that place to the theatre, I
did with colleagues a thousand times for many years — said people’s artist. — Maybe
I will surprise you, but College was organized early — then, when there appeared
the dormitory of the theater. Here it was all part of the theatre here were born
performances, born of ideas. There was everything you need for the life of a young,
bright, strong theatre.”

A new artistic Director was introduced to the new artistic Director and head of the Department
of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky. “Under the Charter, the artistic Director of the College appointed by
agreement with “Snuff” — he said. No surprises here, as you
understand could not be”.

“Oleg Pavlovich has left us with three sources: the school, the Basement and the new theater, o
dreamed of half my life — said Mashkov. Only the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich left
such a meaningful place where there was a school, a theatre where people were born, lived and
as frightening as it may, died. But dying is not forever remaining in our memory
forever. I’m sure it will be with our heavenly artistic Director —
Oleg Pavlovich. It all depends on how we will be attentive to
what he was talking about our master…”

Also the new artistic Director stressed that he would like to the artists
the theatre took an active part in College life: “It is another world. Our
goal — to Oleg Pavlovich was happy.”