Vladimir Mashkov moved to Uzbekistan

Владимир Машков переехал в Узбекистан
The famous actor is starring in the new project of NTV.

Владимир Машков переехал в Узбекистан

Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: Press-service of NTV

Olga Medynich

Photo: Press-service of NTV

NTV started filming the new series
“Anniversary counter”. The main role in the project, conductor music
company, will perform the national artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Mashkov.

year. Once United and mighty Soviet Union starts to crack
from the inside out. Residents of the remote village of Central Asian republics with anxiety
I hear the news of the unrest spreading around the country. They have all
quietly, because here the local have been living side by side with the Russians.

But at this time in the mountains there was a detachment of fighters who have come over from abroad to drive the situation in the region.

our history — the musicians of the regimental band, returning after
cancelled music contest to an empty barracks. Their regiment received
the order of relocation and left. Instead of trying to catch up with her,
the musicians, half of whom are still young boys, remain to protect
peace in the village.

the history of humanity, the power of the spirit and the ability to resist raising
a wave of hatred and anger, about love and about music that win there
where guns and tanks are powerless.

the project is interesting because we all survived this period, when all of a sudden
friendly people somehow turned enemies. And somehow I wanted to show
where it all began and who needed it. There is an original
the history of our country, of our heroes. Removing two of adaptation, of course, I
wanted to do something original. I think about the military band
it was nothing like this. And very inspired,
what people are not taught to fight and to fight, had to pick up
weapons. The story tells about how it is important in this situation to stay
man and not to cross some line. I think this will be
it is interesting to watch. Our main character is a genius
which everything in life is lost and he’s got one last chance to show
what it’s worth, and he had the best orchestra. He wants to show how
for the army, music is important because music is the spirit of the army, which leads
the army forward. But, unfortunately, they will have
to fight, but still music to win to win a human face in this
history, and not evil,” he said about the project Director Karen Oganesyan.

Filming will take place in Uzbekistan, which will appear on the screen an unnamed Central Asian Republic.