Владимир Машков переехал в Калининград
About change in the life of the famous actor said in an exclusive interview.

Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: Photo submitted KARGO films

Vladimir Mashkov in Kaliningrad came home
and a new job at the local Department of internal Affairs. Or rather, his character of
crime series “the RAID”, which takes Director Karen Oganesyan. Due to a busy schedule Mashkov and his partners, Denis Shvedov, Alexander
Palud, Lukeria Ilyashenko and Tamara Saxenas had to move to Kaliningrad
six months. What was decisive for the
Vladimir Sadovnikov, when he agreed to devote six months of my life to it

“In this story I was especially interested in the name
Director. With Karen Hovhannisian we have worked together in the film “Brownie”.
I consider him a great master, I’m comfortable with him on the court, he puts in front of
me a very unexpected and interesting challenges. I trust him completely,
and once he became interested in the script, so there will be good work,” — said

The actor admitted in a rare weekend trying
to avoid set. “I do not like to do this for one reason: do not want
interfere with anyone. It’s not a show in the theater. Here is a different atmosphere, a different
energy people have when they use the moment between success and failure, hit or
no, when he did not understand — where to go on. A stressful time not
should get in the way. I’ll wait for friends after the shooting to
to communicate. Weekend we, by the way, not so much. Free day but I
would rather spend in the gym or on the bike, than be uselessly wandering around shooting
the pad”.

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