Vladimir Mashkov helped my daughter to get out of a difficult situation

Владимир Машков помог дочери выпутаться из сложной ситуации
Maria Mashkova said that she had to ask for help to the father.

Vladimir and Maria Mashkova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

It happened when Maria Mashkovoi urgently needed money.

“When I was little, my dad and the fact is a lot of money. And then, when he began to earn decent money, to me, a grown girl, it was awkward to ask him for money, I prefer myself to make — says the actress. But when I was 27, I had to ask. We have a conundrum, I had nowhere to go. And yet, I have been preparing for this conversation, afraid, didn’t know how father will react. Everything went incredibly easy, but it did. For which I am very grateful to him. Since I’m almost not ashamed to ask for dad’s help.”

As it turned out, Vladimir Mashkov accepted the request of his daughter with relief: “No, tell me, but what in General can help a father to a daughter? I can’t call myself a good father in the usual sense of the word, to raise children do not know how. So we can only help with money and the fact that he is, he exists. The rest is all mom does. Or grandparents…”

Maria the position of the Pope understands but does not share. “Yes, in his view, the father is the man who daughter call me when she’s going through some crisis that he solved the problem. Preferably some specific material. And so I called and said, “Dad, I’m lonely, unable to talk to me?” no, at best I’ll be ridiculed, so don’t practice such things. While I’m waiting for the moment when the Pope will become a bit more Intrusive. According to my calculations, this will happen when he will be 79 years or later. I wish dad was suddenly calling to ask, “Well, you’re eaten?”

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