Vladimir Mashkov headed “Snuff”

Владимир Машков возглавил «Табакерку»
A favorite student of Tabakov became his successor.

Oleg Tabakov and Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

student of Tabakov, Vladimir Mashkov became the artistic Director based
Oleg Pavlovich theatre “the Snuffbox”. Rumors about the nomination of the successor appeared immediately after the “Snuff box”
lost its artistic Director. But just five minutes ago, on the season, which
now held in a new theater building in Sukharevskaya square, announced it official: new Director of the theatre presented to the staff.

Mashkov and Oleg Tabakov
have always had very warm relations. For Vladimir, who died before father
Oleg Pavlovich has largely become the second Pope. In turn, tobacco always
celebrated exceptional talent Mashkov and strongly supported him. When, in 1984
year future star for violent temper was expelled from the School-Studio of MKHAT (Mashkov, then studied with Michael
Tarkhanov), tobacco was not afraid to take a student with a difficult
nature on its course, and then in the theatre.

While tobacco saw
not only acting talent Mashkov (so, he entrusted 23-year-old Vladimir main,
an adult role in the play “sailor’s silence”, after which Mashkova
talking as a very bright star). Oleg Pavlovich opened the Director’s gift
Mashkov. In the Tabakov theatre by a young Mashkov staged, each of which
became the theatrical event — “Star hour local time”, “Passion
by Bumbarash” (this statement by Yevgeny Mironov in the title role, sold out
was almost twenty years), “death defying” and “number 13” set
Mashkov at the Moscow art theatre.

Then Mashkov focused
to work in the movie. But tobacco has always regretted that Mashkov is not working in the theater. Curiously, all these years Vladimir on the website of the theatre was listed in the company. And
Vladimir Orlov headed the theater, created more than thirty years ago Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov.