Владимир Машков изменил название «Табакерки»
Actor and Director made an important statement.

Vladimir Mashkov

theatre-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov in the new season will wear
the name “the Theater of Oleg Tabakov”. The 33rd season
opens September 4th, the previous one was closed on 1 July. In the theatre it was called the most
a heavy season in the history of the team.

The new artistic Director of theatre Vladimir Mashkov proposed to rename the Studio the way I wanted this tobacco.
“Oleg Pavlovich was so crystal clear in their desires… Theater needs
to be THE Theatre of Oleg Tabakov” — said Mashkov.

In addition,
Vladimir Lvovich made a number of important statements at a meeting with the Vice-mayor of Moscow
Leonid Pechatnikov. Actor and Director at the meeting spoke in two
essences: as the art Director of theatre Oleg Tabakov, and how
the artistic Director of the Moscow theatre College. In acting school, according to his confession,
will learn not only a profession but also an artistic behaviour that is useful
in any case.

try to connect the College with theatre — said Mashkov. To
our students immediately took to the stage. Then it was suggested that the acting
the profession is very heavy. In my opinion, is the best job out of all that
I know. But… Only one percent of graduates of art universities will be able to prove
they are not random in this profession. And it will have to prove all my life.

dispelled rumors that the set in the theater of Oleg Tabakov frozen
for a few years. Dial the new course will not only in this academic year.