Vladimir Mashkov celebrated a birthday without a family

Владимир Машков отпраздновал день рождения без семьи The actor made a holiday in Uzbekistan. In Khiva starred project “Copper sun” with the participation of Vladimir Mashkov. The artist decided not to give up the work therefore organized a celebration in one of the restaurants of the national cuisine, inviting 90 people.
Владимир Машков отпраздновал день рождения без семьи

One of the most popular and talented actors of the Russian cinema on November 27 said the 54-year anniversary. Feast Vladimir Lvovich staged in Uzbekistan in the picturesque city of Khiva, because it is here that Director Karen Oganesyan has completed the shooting of the new film project “Copper sun” for the TV channel NTV. Mashkov plays a major role in it – the conductor of a musical company.

“Khiva is a beautiful city! – says the artist with “StarHit”. Nature is incredible: blue skies, clean air and delicious food”.

The celebration was organized in the restaurant of national cuisine Khiva Moon Tour.

“Mashkov’s birthday coincided with the last day of filming the project, so the mood was particularly upbeat, told the “StarHit” the staff of the institution. – The General collection was appointed on 18:00, the birthday boy appeared half an hour later. In celebration he invited everyone who worked at the site, including movers and prop. In total there were about 90 people. About treats host of the evening is taken care of in advance, so the tables were heaped with food. Soups, pickles, veal tongue, pressed meats, sausages, cheeses, six types of lettuce. Hot ordered dumplings, fish and meat. With drinks the same story – a lot and for every taste.”
Владимир Машков отпраздновал день рождения без семьи

The creators of the painting “Copper sun” appealed to the events that took place in 1988. The Soviet Union starts to crack from the inside. In the story, residents of a remote village of the Uzbek SSR, with alarm, caught news of the unrest spreading around the country, but the FORTS of the Hissar range, the local have been living side by side with the Russians. Heroes of the film — the musicians of the regimental band, staged a celebration at a wedding in a distant village and returned in part to an empty barracks. Later, the military received an urgent order about the relocation and left. At this time in the mountains formed a group of militants crossed the border to change the situation in the region. In this situation, the musicians, half of whom are young enough remain to protect the peace in the village. The picture tells the test for humanity, fortitude and ability to stand against the raising wave of hatred and anger, about love and, of course, about the music, which wins where guns and tanks are powerless.

Владимир Машков отпраздновал день рождения без семьи