Владимир Литвинов рассказал о нелепой смерти сына The actor was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Litvinov told about the terrible accident which split his life into before and after. Now, the artist tries to find solace in a new family where he has a son and a daughter.
Владимир Литвинов рассказал о нелепой смерти сына

Vladimir Litvinov became famous after roles in the films “Russian special forces”, “Ice age”, “Two lives”… He was married, in first marriage she gave birth to twins: Anna and Alex. With their mother Natalia, the artist broke up after a few years of marriage, she took the children in Tallinn and forbade the father to communicate with them.

While on tour, he learned his son was killed. At the age of 11 years, Alex ran across the road and was hit by a car.

“He ran across the road, Yes we broke up already. I was on tour in Baku. But in all these issues, sad. Ex-wife and daughter took me. It was our shared grief,” the artist admitted.
Владимир Литвинов рассказал о нелепой смерти сына

When killed Alyosha, the actor was already married for the second time. According to Litvinov, the wife was really jealous of last family.

“She was a doctor. Very bright people with leadership principles. Enough bright years spent together. Her name was Alla, she was jealous of this situation, afraid that I can come back… Then, at some point, I realized our story is not viable,” – said the actor.

After the funeral of the son of the first wife finally banned Litvinov to see his daughter Anna. And with his second wife he broke up after five years of marriage.

Soon fate has in store for the actor. In public transport he met third wife, Elena. As recognized by Vladimir, he with all the lovers met either on the bus or in the bus.

“It was exactly 29 years ago. Despite the fact that she is younger than me for 19 years, she has always had a precise setting for a family home. Is this the correct education. Now we have known for almost thirty years, we are married with two children. First born Arseny, and then Aksinya,” admitted Vladimir.

Litvinov told that the younger daughter had found solace. As he admitted, he wants to reunited with the first daughter Anna. In Tallinn it is quite a famous and successful artist.

“I really want to meet and get to know her. Because we don’t know each other… you want to sit with her at the same table, pour the wine and just talk. Every time I arrive in Tallinn… on the one hand – pride, but on the other feel guilty, of course. But now I’m a different person, I just want to communicate with her. In all the interviews she talks about herself, but never mentions his father,” – said Litvinov.