Vladimir Levkin and his young wife are planning a second child

Владимир Левкин с молодой женой планируют второго ребенка Spouses are not going to stop with one daughter. The beloved ex-soloist of group “on-On”, 33-year-old Marusya Levkin believes that her 50-year-old husband, beating cancer, all ahead. Vladimir Levkin doted in this little heiress, and Nick regrets that he has so few children.

The famous singer, former soloist of the popular group “on-On” Vladimir Levkin, who on 6 June will be 50 years old, five of them are happily married with a young wife Marusia. 33-year-old woman presented to the singer who managed to beat cancer, a daughter. Nike in September will be five years. Star the family lives in harmony and love, Levkin, who became a father in middle age, loves little Nick and admits that he regrets that he has only two daughters. However, the wife of the musician is sure that they will definitely be children.

“The husband often starts talking about how we met later, and if sooner, then we would now have three children. I think all ahead. Not for nothing do they say that in 50 years life only begins” – said Marusya Levkin.

In addition to the four year old Nicky, Vladimir Levkin has a grown daughter from his first marriage, 24-year-old Victoria. The father maintains a relationship with the heiress and proud of it. The musician admits he missed all the moments of parenting an older child, because at that time was busy with his own career.

“I’m 10-11 months touring with the “na-na”. Before we parted with of Vika’s mother Marina. I am grateful to her family because they raised a fine man. Vika proud! And with Nike now trying to catch all the moments. For example, we Marusia on schedule leads her to kindergarten: a month – she and my month. But the work, of course, makes adjustments, you can’t always be around” – said Vladimir Levkin.

The wife of musician Mary claims that her husband is a terrific, moderately stringent, father. And watching a daughter growing up nick, he feels this euphoria.

“Nick appeared when he is ripe for a child. All these diapers, first teeth, steps of Nikosi he caught and was in euphoria. Saying, “God, with all the children? We had more children!” But dad, he’s strict. Sometimes I myself begin to turn into a child when the husband brings up: “don’t jump here!” “Why? – ask. You jumped in my childhood on the bed.” He begins to think that Yes, it was. And this is the age when people can do what they want. Volodya thinks and realizes that I’m right,” shared Mary Levkin in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.