Vladimir Kuzmin lectures about vegetarianism

Владимир Кузьмин читает лекции о вегетарианстве The musician has taught at psychological centers. The actor shares his experience with those who need help. Vladimir Kuzmin also teaches you how to deal with negative emotions and avoid conflict situations with other people.

      Владимир Кузьмин читает лекции о вегетарианстве

      Pop musician Vladimir Kuzmin decided to share their experiences with others who are just interested in the idea of a healthy diet. Artist for several years do not eat meat and adheres to the mode by which his body is always in good shape. Kuzmin monitors various innovations in nutrition, and therefore always aware of the latest discoveries on this topic. He had a lot of talks with doctors, and the evening disappears in a closed psychological centers. “StarHit” find out how the class is celebrity and what we can learn in his classes.

      “Volodya decided to share the expertise – says the “StarHit” Ekaterina Trofimova, the wife of the musician. – Before the wedding we met with Marina Talakawas from the educational center “Psychology of the third Millennium”, so she suggested to her husband to give lessons. The lectures Vova helps to cope with your emotions, teaches how to avoid conflict and please all family members. Of course, talks about how to quickly unsubscribe from junk food and keep your body in good shape”.
      Владимир Кузьмин читает лекции о вегетарианстве

      About how to maintain a good atmosphere in the family, the artist known to many. With current wife Catherine of Vladimir lived here for 15 years. The musician and his fiancée repeatedly attributed the divorce, but they managed to prove to the public that it has no relation to reality.

      The Unknown Vladimir Kuzmin. Muse and daughter complete the portrait of a unique musician

      In the most difficult moments of life Kuzmina next to him is his beloved wife. She helps him get out of depression, supports in everything, and admires his new creations. The singer is ready again and again to confess to his wife in love. The musician said that he was lucky to meet the one of whom he dreamed and in spite of everything to build her happy family.