Владимир Кузьмин содержит взрослую дочь The contractor admitted that helps the heiress. During one of the shows, Vladimir Kuzmin spoke about a family. According to the artist, he tries to make his children happy.

      Владимир Кузьмин содержит взрослую дочь

      Star 90-ies Vladimir Kuzmin became the guest of the program Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all”. The program presenter was able to learn a lot of secrets about the family life of the artist. At the moment, Vladimir is happily married to third wife, Catherine. Singer has argued that it is difficult to be a family man.

      “I have a different purpose. God has given me to be a musician. I can’t be a man”, – said Vladimir.

      According to Kuzmin, he never regretted the divorce from his first wife Tatyana. Then in marriage, the star of the domestic scene had three children, however, survived only one daughter, Sonia. The other heirs of Vladimir died tragically. Like any father Kuzmin tried in no way to deny the girl. Thanks to his efforts, Sonia got on “Factory of stars” and took the first steps on the stage.

      “God sends us suffering on purpose, so we can evaluate human happiness. I have become much closer relationship with his younger daughters,” admitted the musician.

      Sonya Kuzmina believes that age they were better able to communicate with his father and meet. “I just like your daddy. When I went to the “Factory of stars” at first he didn’t know about that, but then in the process supported… Wrote me a song. And we played together,” said the girl.

      Vladimir explained that Sonia sings for itself, since it is not necessary to be a star. When she was 18, she bilna full of ambitions and desires. “But the stars have not happened,” – said Kuzmin, speaking about daughter’s career in show business.

      “And you are her financial support until now?” asked Yulia Menshova from Kuzmin. “Of course, this is my beloved child,” replied Vladimir.

      According to Kuzmin, his children are very humble and never ask too much. The second successor of Mar artist still remembers that she sometimes lacked the attention of the Pope when she was in school. It was in the peak of career of the musician. Gradually, the girl and the father closer. “We become more interesting to each other,” explained Matra.

      Besides, Vladimir is the illegitimate daughter Nicole, who was born from a fan from Rostov-on-don. The man immediately realized that the baby was his and did not even bother to do any DNA tests. Vladimir Kuzmin first met the illegitimate daughter of