Vladimir Kristovskiy showed grown-up daughter

Владимир Кристовский показал взрослую дочь
The eldest daughter of the musician supported his father at the concert.

Photo: Instagram

Vladimir Kristovskiy — father of many children. From his first marriage he has four daughters and the second wife gave him long-awaited son, just a year ago. Musician periodically shared with fans photos of their children. But the fact that his eldest daughter, Yasmine, already so grown up, was a surprise to the public.

17-year-old Yasmine came to support the father to one of his concerts. Vladimir with pleasure posed for photographers together with her. But, it turns out, no one knew the daughter of Kristovsky, and all wondered that the young beauty so freely communicates with the musician. I do not decided whether Vladimir once again to marry?

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But stranger was the adult daughter of the singer. The girl has finished school, now studying at the University. Also she has been very creative. Yasmin — makeup. It creates an incredibly creative images of models on photo shoots.

In free from study and work while she is out with friends, goes to rest on the sea and sports.

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