Vladimir Kristovskiy puts children at home schooling

Владимир Кристовский переводит детей на домашнее обучение
Ex-wife of singer spoke about the conflict in school.

Vladimir Kristovskiy with his ex-wife Valerie and daughters Stanislawow, MIA and yasmin

Photo: photoxpress.ru

The ex-wife of the leader of group Uma2rman Vladimir Kristovsky
Valeria has published in his Instagram a huge post, which told that her three youngest daughters had serious
problems in the school. According to Valerie, call them classmates and humiliated

“One my daughter is studying in a regular school district. In the most simple,
basakanon class. It tells how mother a teacher — like the disciples. She’s so scared
schools that in the days of tests I almost lost consciousness. The school — a territory
stress and fear. Plus the Mat, which introduces the child into a stupor. says large
mother. — My other daughter goes to school with
tilt in language, claiming to be “lisanatti” her teacher in
educational purposes tells her that she was in the school, since she can’t
in front of the class to tell a verse, and maybe she find a school for “the same
how are you” (this is what the fuck girls like her? ) her at recess name-calling
classmates bespectacled man, a hobo, and it’s a good school, and not one of my daughter in
glasses and she is well dressed. But regularly her hurt and publicly call girls
stay in groups, and one to resist it not, and the boys
call Mat. Girl. This is 3rd grade, so it was understandable.

And for the third child
I pay money, school fee. Not elite, but paid. The psychologist advised
said “she needs psychologically calm climate, the teacher’s encouragement, his
attention, a little more than usual is needed for the child. So she left in tears
today. Classmates that her pencil case used to each other, so she ran
then pinching her today pulling the hair. To tears. As well as wanted. Brought the girl. In
the class seven children, for which parents pay, they also want to
calm psychological climate for their children, the parents are decent, loving and
educated. These children are now?”

Valeria decided to transfer children to home schooling.
A mother feels calm and her and her children.

We will remind that Vladimir Kristovsky grow four daughters
from his first marriage: love, MIA, Stanislaus and yasmin. Despite the fact that in 2013
the musician divorced my Valeria, he is constantly communicating with her daughters. Valeria my
personal life. She married Denis Pavlov, who got along great with her
children. In turn, Vladimir babysit with her little son, whom he
gave second wife, Olga Pilevsky. The wife of the artist repeatedly stated that
grateful to Valeria, as she did not turn the children against her.