Vladimir Kristovskiy in the fifth time became the father!

Владимир Кристовский в пятый раз стал отцом!
The singer, who has four daughters, was born long-awaited son.

Vladimir and Olga kristovskie

Today Vladimir Kristovskiy and his wife Olga the happiest day: they had a son,
named Fedor. 40-year-old
the musician already has four daughters, but always dreamed of the heir. “Friends, I have great joy)) Fedor
Vladimirovich Kristovskiy ! says Kristovskiy. Now I have a whole hockey five!”

We will remind, in the spring the wife Kristovsky with pleasure
visited with him a secular event. However, the summer she preferred
to spend in the suburbs, away from prying eyes. She tried to keep
regular life: reading books, collecting mushrooms and was engaged in the blanks
for the winter. Among other things, to Olga often came to visit sister — Anna
nephew, so the wife of Vladimir was an opportunity to practice
communication with children.

However, even if the young wife Kristovsky and there
any questions about parenting, Vladimir, probably, will easily be able
give her advice, because he already has four children from his first marriage with Valerie.
Incidentally, his daughter — yasmin, Stanislaus, MIA, Uma get along well with his new

By the way, ex-wife
the musician also quickly arranged my personal life after the marriage. By the way,
her new husband found a common language with children Kristovsky.