Vladimir Friske: “We are not obliged to pay 21 million on Deposit with the court”

Владимир Фриске: «Мы не обязаны вносить 21 миллион на депозит суда» In Moscow started to consider the claim “Rusfond” for the recovery of funds collected for treatment of deceased stars. The singer’s father Vladimir Borisovich told “StarHit”, how did the second session on the case of a considerable sum, which disappeared without a trace.

      Владимир Фриске: «Мы не обязаны вносить 21 миллион на депозит суда»

      About a considerable sum, which was allegedly withdrawn Zhanna Friske shortly before his death, the stars speak for a long time. However, information about where more than 40 million rubles, still there. We will remind that in the beginning of this year, “Rusfond” filed a lawsuit in the court in order to clarify the situation. Minor son of Jeanne, Plato Shepelev, who in a month will be four years, brought in the person of its legal representative, Dmitry Shepelev.

      “Rusfond” on the court with the family of Jeanne Friske: “This is a necessary measure”

      At the second meeting, at the request of the organization, the court required the relatives of Jeanne to provide an extract from her account.

      In addition, the judge suggested to take provisional measures (urgent temporary measures, aimed at securing a claim or the property interests of the applicant – approx. “StarHit”) and asked the family of a child to Deposit at court on 21 633 214 rubles for two weeks. But the lawyers for the relatives of the star declined the offer.

      “We are not obliged to do it – said “StarHit” Vladimir Friske. In this case, much is unclear. And I don’t understand why here intervened “Responde”, which was merely a mediator. And raised money for treatment Janna. What happened in the end? On account of “Responde” was transferred 70 million rubles. Jeanne moved only 25 million rubles of this amount, and it happened in a year! During this time we took her to the clinic for their money. In fact the funds were on the card in the period when she was sent to die and the daughter was in critical condition… of Course, we hoped and believed in miracles. But what I want to say… It was the money Joan. But what became of the remaining 45 million of rubles I don’t know. The case is confusing. The process will last at least another six months”.

      Note that the story with the missing money continues quite a long time. First, the charges fell in the civil husband Friske Dmitry Shepelev. Then moved the arrow and at his mother Jeanne Olga Vladimirovna. In both cases, nothing was not proven.

      Meanwhile, lawyers of the relatives of the singer have repeatedly asked “Rusfond” to provide statements about the collected money to the charges were not unfounded.

      Last summer Vladimir Friske planned to sue the “Rusfond”. It is very painful perceived an assumption that this fact may be involved, relatives of Jeanne. Therefore, after obtain the necessary documents and copies of the bills failed in the pretrial order, Vladimir Borisovich made a claim to the “Rusfond”. At the disposal of “StarHit” were documents that Others have sent to the court. However, the case didn’t end there. Perhaps this time the parties will be able to come to any agreement. Vladimir Friske sues “Rusfond”