Владимир Фриске готов отдать дом ради встреч с внуком According to Vladimir Kopylov, the father of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev does not give him and his wife to meet her grandson. In order to end the conflict and to see Plato, Vladimir is willing not only to apologize to Dmitry, but also to share country house.
Владимир Фриске готов отдать дом ради встреч с внуком

Public disputes between the parents, Zhanna Friske and its civil husband Dmitry Shepelev does not stop. Vladimir Friske is not just telling on a TV show, what is the situation and what are the requirements in law. According to the singer’s father, Dmitri still does not give him regularly to see her grandson.

Last week he became the hero of the program “the Secret to a million,” in which he told Lera Kudryavtseva, though, he is ready to forgive you and Dmitry himself to apologize.

Dmitry Shepelev stopped effective treatment of Jeanne Friske

Vladimir Friske is willing to do anything to see Plato. Grandpa wants to “buy” a meeting with the grandson to give Shepelevo share in a country house. This was announced presenter of the program “family matters” on channel WORLD, judge Elena Dmitrieva.

“Disputes over the inheritance, division of property and property rights are among the most common themes in our trials. Nevertheless, the most dramatic are the proceedings concerning parental rights and the definition of the place of residence of the child. Today I will listen to the case in which a child was held hostage by financial warfare. It is hard to imagine that the child in the XXI century it is possible to keep the “pledge”. Rather, it is the distorted position of one of the parties. But the real situation we know today during proceedings,” she said.

Elena Dmitrieva invited Vladimir Kopylov in the Studio of his program, where the father of Zhanna Friske and said he was willing to give part of a country house Dmitry Shepelev. He expressed hope that this step will be able to finish the decades long conflict, and most importantly – to see my grandson.