Vladimir Friske: “I want to recognize insane to close the case of the missing money”

Владимир Фриске: «Меня хотят признать невменяемым, чтобы закрыть дело о пропавших деньгах» Dad Jeanne believes that the story of the disappearance of millions involved the head of “Rusfond”. Vladimir Friske finds out about the new details of account where the transfer of funds for treatment of the singer concerned fans.
Владимир Фриске: «Меня хотят признать невменяемым, чтобы закрыть дело о пропавших деньгах»

With relatives Janna Friske was cleared of all charges relating to the disappearance of 21 million rubles. Currently, the lawyers of the family of the singer are trying to understand the situation. There was a version, that the treatment of Joan did not 70 million rubles, as disclosed previously, and 350.

“The situation is murky, to put it mildly – said, “StarHit” Vladimir Friske. Now that we were cleared of all charges, I will not be silent! A lawyer Dobrovinsky, who called my wife a thief, and obliged to apologize. Olga did not take anything. Yes, we used cards, but only to pay for the treatment of Jeanne, there are extracts. And cards to us came at once. First, they were used by Dmitry Shepelev. We found that the treatment of Joan in the end, it spent 98 million, but this includes not only raised money, but personal funds of his daughter. Note that this figure appeared, according to statements from hospitals. This treatment, and a hospital, and numerous medicines.”

Vladimir Friske repeatedly stated that “Respond” immediately gave them Bank cards with millions collected – the first time they treated Jeanne’s personal funds. The family borrowed a large sum of money from friends.

Vladimir Friske: “Dima illegally taken Plato’s abroad”

Владимир Фриске: «Меня хотят признать невменяемым, чтобы закрыть дело о пропавших деньгах»“In the summer of 2013, Jeanne was in Miami, she gradually became worse and worse – continues Vladimir Borisovich. – She asked Dima to come to her, and he kept putting it off… finally arrived when it was really bad. Jeanne became ill on 24 July 2013. Then for two and a half months Shepelev was removed from her account 32 million rubles. Money “Rusfond” came later.”

In January 2014, on account of the singer through the “Rusfond” listed more than 60 million rubles. That is the amount designated by the organization.

“In fact, none of us knew exactly how much money on cards, – says Vladimir Friske. – Now there is information that has been collected 350-400 million rubles, but the “Rusfond” chose to keep silent about it. Moreover, they hoped that nobody would notice. But things turned out differently. I have lawyers there was an assumption that the case involved the Director of the organization, Leo Ambinder. In addition, he was involved in this fraud”.

In 2015 many reproaches was caused by the position of the “Rusfond” in relation to the issue of sisters Filippov from Tyumen. Gathering on the First channel for a significant amount of donations and a half million euros, the organization only partially paid for the account and refused to transfer the collected funds to the parents of the girls.

The Friske family was on the warpath

“I believe that with Ambinder at the same time Shepelev and the lawyer Dobrovinsky, who urged on Dima, says Friske. – I think that he could promise something, but they told me and bullied. Expect me to fight you again, can behave inappropriately, then to recognize the irresponsible and close in a mental hospital. Perhaps, to physical measures will reach. Such people are capable of anything. But I will not be silent and get to the truth. Enough with the lies”.

Also Vladimir Borisovich wants to meet with Elena Proklova, which strongly sympathized with Jeanne in life. “On one of the programs was made by Elena – adds Friske. – I want to add that she doesn’t know much and making premature conclusions. I know that Jeanne loved it. I’m ready to meet her, if she wants. Show all papers and explain how all was actually”.