Vladimir Friske: “Dmitry Shepelev trying to come to peace”

Владимир Фриске: «Мы с Дмитрием Шепелевым пытаемся прийти к миру» Father of Jeanne Friske has commented on the rumours that the broadcaster does not allow him to celebrate his grandson. This week a little Plato will celebrate its third anniversary, and the family of the singer would like to be with him that day.

      Владимир Фриске: «Мы с Дмитрием Шепелевым пытаемся прийти к миру»

      April 7, son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev Plato turns three years old. “StarHit” repeatedly informed that Mr B. intends to go to the world TV presenter, to be able to see his grandson. However, just recently, there was talk that the broadcaster is not ready to let relatives to a small Plato on his birthday. Allegedly Vladimir Borisovich in one of the interviews said that would not allow him to congratulate his favorite grandson, and still does not allow them to see each other.

      Meanwhile, at the beginning of this year representatives Friske reported that relatives of Joan didn’t want any more conflicts and a showdown. They seriously intend to put up. In such circumstances, the recent statement by Vladimir Friske looks pretty weird. “StarHit” contacted the father of Jeanne Friske, to determine whether its position has changed.

      “I didn’t say that, – said Vladimir Friske. – Of course, we’ve had our differences, and now you can pull a phrase from my old interview and make it into the news. It all looks like a provocation. Again, at this stage I really want to come to a peace agreement with Dmitry. I, my wife Olga and her daughter Natasha just want to see Plato. Nothing more.”

      We will remind that recently Natalia Friske appealed to the tenth winner of “Battle of psychics” Mohsen Noroozi. A psychic foresaw that after Plato will be three years, relatives will be able to visit the boy.

      Son of Janna Friske will remain with the father

      “Dmitry and Jeanne was a strong love, Noruzi. To live together they began because of feelings. Zhanna and Dmitry had many common interests and acquaintances. They worked in the same field. But they are a beautiful couple like jinxed. Dmitry is quite spineless, quickly falls under foreign influence. He has seven Fridays in the week. Now he’s in a good mood, and after two hours it is better not to approach. Son of Plato loves madly… When the boy turns three years old, you will see it. He’s going to live with his father. Don’t worry, Plato is older, all is aware and he will come to you.”

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