Vladimir Friske Dmitry Shepelev accused of the mistreatment of the son

Владимир Фриске обвинил Дмитрия Шепелева в плохом обращении с сыном Parents of Jeanne wistfully think about the approaching birthday of Plato. Most likely, the seventh of April, the child will meet together with his father Dmitry Shepelev in Belarus. Meanwhile, Vladimir Ivanov and Olga Vladimirovna did not lose hope to see my grandson.
Владимир Фриске обвинил Дмитрия Шепелева в плохом обращении с сыном

This Saturday the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev birthday. Plato is five years old. Relatives of the actress continue to interfere with the presenter due to the heir of the artist. The parents of the singer claim that Shepelev strongly inhibits their communication with the child. According to recent reports, Dmitry took Plato to his home in Belarus. However, Vladimir Borisovich and Olga still hope to meet with her grandson.

Close Jeanne again bought Plato toys. Gifts for the boy overwhelmed with the entire third floor of the house parent stars. Vladimir Borisovich cannot stop thinking about her grandson. In his opinion, the presenter does not take care of the child properly.

“Shepelev took off for his parents in Belarus and it is not engaged. He is the air! And parents work when they? Now the school must begin to prepare, – said Vladimir Friske. –I’m his nanny said that special attention to the development of Plato there was not. Shepeleva have a big show-off: the tutor of a black child hired a Jewish school, like the education of loyalty – in fact, dust in the eyes”.

As said the father of Zhanna babysitter, tutor soon ceased to work with the child. “As it appeared and disappeared”, – said Vladimir Borisovich. Classes at the Jewish school also allegedly did not last long – only a couple of times. Jeanne’s parents also complain that Plato appeared say. “I almost fell after hearing how he spoke to ocate started,” recalls Friske. It turned out that the boy follows the example of the mother of Dmitry Shepelev.

Moreover, Vladimir Borisovich considers that the broadcaster did not pay attention to health. Jeanne’s father is seriously concerned about his condition.

“Why is talking about so often sick? He was five years old, and two operations he has already undergone: he cut the adenoids and even some surgery. All due to the fact that I get cold constantly. Last year in April Shepelev led Plato to meet us at the circus. Himself in the jacket, and the child in shorts! My wife asked to say something lightly dressed, not the weather, the wind is biting outside. In response to: “Not your business, I know how to dress the baby,” he says.

Rare meeting with Plato, his grandma and grandpa can count on one hand. Therefore, Vladimir Borisovich remembers every conversation with the child. “Did he tell you how he’s doing, what are friends. Called their names,” shared the father of Jeanne with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. As it turned out, Plato has a favorite girl in the garden, and the boy even has declassified her name.