Владимир Фриске позвонил Иосифу Пригожину с угрозами жизни

Владимир Фриске позвонил Иосифу Пригожину с угрозами жизни

The father of Jeanne Friske, who died a few years ago, after the death of his daughter always ends up in noisy scandals. He always quarrels with celebrities of the Russian show-business. Initially, he could not get along with the former civil spouse Zhanna Dmitry Shepelev. On the same day the next victim of his threats and insults became a well-known Russian producer Joseph Prigogine.

As it turned out, Vladimir Friske was very hurt by the statements of Prigogine in the first eldest daughter Natalia Friske. A woman recently made at corporate in the form of his dead sister, by the way, they are insanely similar. The image was so identical to Jeanne that many were simply in shock from the similarity of the sisters. Joseph Prigogine also noticed this similarity, however, he publicly stated that Natalia will never be able to replace all loved Jeanne, she will not turn out to be so gorgeous singer and actress. Vladimir has been strongly affected by the words of the producer, so much so that he decided to find a relationship with him personally.

Prigogine said that Vladimir called his cellphone and said that because of the abuse his daughter he might come with a rifle and shot the man. Friske added that he in this life’s more nothing to lose and he will quietly take responsibility for the murder. Iosif Prigozhin said that the father of the deceased Jeanne and even insulted him in a telephone conversation. The producer said that he always considered Vladimir a normal and intelligent man, but now he questioned its adequacy and suggested placing a man in a psychiatric hospital.

Also Joseph Prigogine has said publicly that a conversation with Vladimir were recorded on tape and a file with the record he has stored on several sources. If Friske not apologize publicly to the producer, the audio recording of the conversation will be given to the journalists and get on the Internet. While Vladimir Friske thinks what to do and how to behave. Whether a public apology will learn soon.

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