Владимир Этуш экстренно госпитализирован в Москве
96-year-old actor became ill during a holiday in Italy.

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Vladimir Etush was back in the hospital. 96-year-old actor became ill during a holiday in Italy. wife of Vladimir Abramovich Elena insisted to return to Moscow early. Despite the fact that Etush was paid for the insurance with the right to receive medical care abroad, the couple decided to turn to a trusted Russian doctors.

Later this information was confirmed by the Director of the Theater. Vakhtangov Kirill KROK.

“Even taking into account the age and disease Etush, it is hoped that he will recover, and all will be well,” he told TASS.

Last year, Richter had already come to the hospital, then in a Network there were messages on his death. Fortunately, it turned out to be wrong.

“Quite mad! — resented Elena, published a “screen” of the publication of the death of National artist. — A man caught a cold, so today to play music. Drinking tea hot… Journalists in the morning the phone broke off!” When friends of the family Etush recommend Elena to go to court, she explained that it is not going to do that.