Vladimir Etush got on the Victory Parade thanks to the kindness of fans

Владимир Этуш попал на Парад Победы благодаря доброте поклонников The responsible person was not invited popular actor and veteran in the Kremlin. Wife of Vladimir Etush thanked people who care for the opportunity to have the actor may 9 celebrations.

      Владимир Этуш попал на Парад Победы благодаря доброте поклонников

      A few days ago, on may 6, Vladimir Etush celebrated the birthday. People’s artist, turned 94 years. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated a famous Soviet actor. “For many decades You keep faithful to your calling, native Vakhtangov theatre, the audience, never cease to amaze the roles their bright, inimitable charm and artistry. And the audience responds to You with affection and sincere love,” – was said in a congratulatory telegram.

      However, after only three days for some unknown reason, the government has ignored the popular favorite. Wife of Vladimir Etush has published on his page on “Facebook” disappointment message stating that the famous actor, who is a veteran of the great Patriotic War, received an invitation to the Victory Parade.

      “Tomorrow a great holiday – Victory Day, – wrote Elena. – Every year of Vladimir Abramovich, a veteran and a War invalid, was invited to the Victory Parade and reception in the Kremlin on 9 may, where every time the President personally congratulated him on the great holiday, not hiding to it his a good location. And this year somehow not invited”.

      The post wife Etush instantly spread on social networks and caused a wide public resonance. Hundreds of users have commented on is written by Elena, supporting Vladimir Abramovich.

      Interestingly, among the concerned people who responded to the message Elena Etush, was a man who was able to restore a monstrous injustice. The Minister of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky gave Vladimir Abramovich and his wife their tickets at the Grand parade in the Kremlin walls.

      Владимир Этуш попал на Парад Победы благодаря доброте поклонников

      “Completing these festive days filled with joys and sorrows, I want to say a few words – shared wife of Vladimir Etush. – Thank you to everyone who supported us in these “sorrows”. Support is always important. Again it turned out that the officer is not a dirty word. Thanks to Alexander Kibovsky, which is clearly demonstrated. With all the recent holidays and thank you friends”.

      Fans of the great artist and veteran in response to Elena wrote many kind words. “Again with the Victory of Vladimir Abramovich and you, Elena. You are a real fighter and true the rear of her husband. But still beyond the understanding of this “forgetfulness” of the authorities”, – expressed their emotions they are.

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