Vladimir Epifantsev was suspected of involvement in the disappearance of a child

Владимира Епифанцева заподозрили в причастности к исчезновению ребенка In the workshop the actor found the missing resident of Dagestan, a case which involved investigating officers. The child’s mother stated that she had no claims to the artist. Vladimir yepifantsev has refused to give evidences to field investigators.

      Actor Vladimir Epifantsev was involved in the story with the disappearance of 14-year-old resident of Dagestan, Patimat. The anxious parents of a teenager appealed to law enforcement agencies. The girl told relatives that “tired to live like this” and went to Moscow. Since then, she has not been in contact.

      Investigating officers began to understand the complicated case. They learned that the teenager really was able to fly to the capital from his native Makhachkala. Then found out the identity of a friend Patimat, who met her at the airport. She said that the girl stayed with her and chose to go into the Studio with the actor Vladimir Epifantsev. It was alleged that he allegedly contacted her on the Internet.

      The investigators suggested that instead well-known artist with Patimat could be rewritten by someone else, but as it turned out, the star of the movie really had a relationship with a teenager. Yepifantsev was for a child and something of a spiritual mentor.

      “Patya not lived with me. She arrived during the night, he called and said that in Moscow. I said, you went nuts, told his friends, her friends, they met her, and we called my parents the next day to come pick her up. She arrived during the night, and five or six in the morning she was taken, she sat and waited for their parents. She was crying, sobbing, asked for forgiveness that set me up,” said yepifantsev.

      It is also reported that the mother Patimat has no claims to the artist. According to the woman, the child was not in the Studio of a celebrity for a long time. The girl’s mother insists that Epifantsev saw her daughter before it was raided by the operatives. According to women, the artist himself would have turned to them with a statement if this would have happened.

      Later, the journalists said that the story, which was involved Vladimir yepifantsev, interested in the Investigative Committee. The man said he was helping the teenager to develop their talents, and refused to testify. However, investigating officers are going to investigate the situation. The investigators plan to find out all the circumstances of the day when an escaped resident of Dagestan, was suddenly the famous actor, reports Life.ru.

      Note also that at the moment, Vladimir Epifantsev is going through a rather difficult period. The artist has a very complicated relationship with Anastasiya vedenskaya, the mother of his two sons. In an interview with the NTV program “the Secret to a million” Epifantsev admitted that he is already half a year lives with his wife. Despite this, he continues to love Anastasia and wants her to be fine. Vladimir yepifantsev rents an apartment to his ex-wife and her lover