Vladimir Epifantsev was saved from the burning train

Владимир Епифанцев спасся из горящего поезда
The popular actor spoke about his new role.

Vladimir Yepifantsev

Photo: press-service of NTV

Soon the spectators of NTV will see
new release from the documentary series “film-Like”. Eyewitnesses worst disasters
on the Railways will tell the master Vladimir Epifantsev,
to save themselves and hundreds of people when to expect help was nowhere. Their stories are similar
the plots of such films as “the 34th ambulance”, “runaway Train”, “Unmanaged”,
however, all was in reality.

the film-accident “34-second fast” based on the events of 1977.
On February 27 in one of the cars of Express train “the Youth”, EN route from Moscow to Leningrad, there was a fire. Since all doors
was already blocked by fire, there was a need to break the Windows of cars and
through them make the evacuation of passengers.

Railways often have extra to make a rescue
operation. In the program “film-Like” they will share personal experience of how to get out
of fire trains to prevent the collision of two passenger
compositions and manually disconnected the burning locomotive from the main train.

“In the film
“34 er” all ended well, the stories told in
the program is also a good finals, — said Vladimir Epifantsev. — The only
the difference is that our heroes are not invented
characters, and ordinary people who accurately and professionally carried out their
work. And yet these people work for the railroad, I with quiet soul
I will take the train tickets”.

Documentary series “film-Like” –
this is an amazing adventure that viewers will be able to survive along with
participants in the events, experts leading and believe that every person
capable of the feat.