Vladimir Epifantsev jail for relationship with teen

Владимиру Епифанцеву грозит тюрьма за связь с подростком
The actor commented on the unfolding scandal.

Vladimir Yepifantsev


Vladimir Epifantsev was involved in a scandal involving pedophilia. The famous actor may face imprisonment for liaison with 14-year-old native of Dagestan who escaped from their parents. The artist credited with an affair with a young girl. It is known that she lived with epifantseva some time, however, he denies that it has violated the law. The actor met a girl in social networks.

“At first it was Inna, and she was 18. Such was the account. A year and a half, she admitted that not Inna, and Jeanne and her 16. Six months later, she said, “I’m afraid to tell you, but not Jeanne. I’m from Dagestan, Patimat my name is and I’m 14…” She called me “dad” and her daughter. We had a friendship, a very warm friendship. I’ve brought her up, trying to control her hysteria,” — said Andrei Epifantsev in the show “You wouldn’t believe!”. Vladimir addressed through the program to parents Patimat, assuring them they have nothing to worry about.

However, his wife Anastasiya Vedenskaya convinced that with Mr there are some inexplicable metamorphosis. In social networks, the actor not so long ago started to publish videos with erotic content, which attracted attention of the police to his person. “What he does is the absolute abyss, in my opinion. I think all of these videos, the answer to his word to me!” she said. By the way, it is almost a year trying to divorce him, but the actor won’t divorce her.

If words epifantseva of the innocent relations with a 14-year-old schoolgirl is not confirmed, he faces a maximum of 4 years in prison.