Vladimir Epifantsev: “I’m saving people from suicide”

Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида» Host of “Like a movie” he told me why he tries not to risk it and confessed how he manages to enjoy every day. According to Epifantsev, you do want refers to social norms, because of this there are any problems.
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»

In the “film-Like”, which goes to the TV channel NTV, involved two leading. The transfer tells the stories of people whose fate, paradoxically, was similar to the plots of famous films. Maxim Drozd and Vladimir Epifantsev acquaint the audience with the heroes who managed to survive in extreme situations. On the project also worked with experienced stuntmen and rescuers who reconstructed the events. “StarHit” talked with Vladimir Epifantsev. The popular actor spoke about his views on life and relationships with women.

Why did you decide to become the leading program “Like a movie”?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»First, the shooting took place in one place, which is very convenient. Secondly, in the intervals between them tasty food. And third, the promised fee, which was fine by me. It was serious work. Sometimes I’d fall asleep in the frame. I woke in the crucial moments, said something in the ear of the hero. I have been involved and even “got” the topic of conversation.—
In your life occurred a situation when you were on the verge of death?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»Once I had sex two days in a row and felt that here-here will kick the bucket. Heart ached, my head started to burn. But I had good friends who were doing cold compresses. —
Can call yourself a risk taker?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I live on the edge of their capabilities. Do not risk when making a car move. Well I drive by intuition. Like to drive at night on roads. But anyway, in principle I try not to risk it. Understand that you often naivety leaves people with their eyes closed. I got the idea for the script, which reflected this theme.
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»
Do you have fears?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I’m afraid of losing the creative drive. Living in fear that he will leave me. If you are afraid of losing loved ones, getting paranoid. So I don’t think about it. Usually, I solve problems as they arrive. Don’t plan, though I suggest to make in advance, try to anticipate. It is important to me creative inspiration when I’m ready to pick up the camera or brush and start creating. The biggest joy for me is the creative process. When he interrupted, I live in hell.—
Some personal hell?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»For me it is to live for the sake of making money. I don’t judge others. Often I catch myself thinking that some of the individuals who I put on the step below live interesting. Sometimes I notice someone better than me. It is all due to chemical processes inside us. I feel disgusting, suddenly ate apples – and everything was fine.—
Are there cases when you had to save someone?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»Yes. I do psychological literacy on the Internet. If to count, for six months has helped several dozens of people. They address with different questions: someone does not leave suicidal thoughts, others suffer from drug addiction, others are trying to understand matters of love and sex.
What do you suggest to people who want to settle scores with life?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I reflect and correlate with the way I am from this out. This is due to the change of scenery, environment, circle of friends. Usually, people make themselves in any frame, because there are all sorts of social institutions. Such a condition leads to suicidal thoughts.—
It is necessary to change something? Something to focus on?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I speak for myself. For me the creative process is a drug. When I say addicted, me too on the drum. Is the same as in children. Here they are playing in the sandbox, create something. They will still be someone to look at it or not. Then go home to sleep and think how the next day will be back in the sandbox. We must not forget about that feeling that was in my childhood. Adults you can’t do, otherwise you’ll end up in a psychiatric hospital. I had a play on this subject, the rules of the road. The analogy is based on “Abvgdejka”. As soon as we begin to master the rules, we lose our sense of spontaneity. —
What would you not forgive your close person?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I almost never get offended or angry at people. I have no such process “forgiveness”. The offense is imposed concept. My dad taught me that you can’t be offended for about five minutes. I surpassed his advice: never experience this feeling. Also try to impart such a skill to their children, but there is still influence from their mother… She tries to make them real men. Nastya leads them in a section on circles in art class tries to load. Sons rarely sit at home. At the weekend they sometimes have time on computer games. In turn, I also try them somewhere to get. For example, to go to the forest for mushrooms. During these walks I explain to them how life works.—
And they already know what profession you will choose in the future?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I think that saved them from this idea – to plan. Sons it is important to understand who they are now. It’s just a tool. When introducing such ideas to a person, it becomes easier to manage. It is not necessary to lay such questions to mind children.
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»
After some incorrect installations develops perfectionism… Should we be afraid that then the child will tend to perfect?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»Yes. Must be able to from something to refuse, to live easy, not to finish. Should enjoy, you need to keep it simple. Free touch, brought to an end, turns into an ugly line. Need lightness and fog. I kind of condition. —
And to work on scenarios? You finish the job?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»The work I’m doing, usually do not contain answer in the end. I am often asked: “what did you shoot the film?” But then each in his own way will answer the question, it depends on perception. —
You worked on the picture “Operation z” Pahom. When the project will be released?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»While the filming process is suspended. The entire project “Green elephant” is eternal. We are going to live in this nightmare, he will not lose relevance. To work on the second part of need money. Maybe there are some crazy people who will say: “Volodya, we will invest”. Need about 200 thousand dollars. I removed the teaser, but the idea is still not ripe. All the events that happen in my life, help you understand what will be this movie. The theme is very global. There will be answers to many questions. It is not a joke, and the social and mystical movie.—
Why mystical?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I have described this word a journey into the subconscious. Mystic – this is when before you open the true reality, which is hard to see. It is necessary to reject imposed social system problems, then all will be in chocolate.—
Know how to enjoy life?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»Yes, every day happy. Even depressed, find something important for yourself. New levels of understanding… I Have unexpected discoveries, insights… My opinion is always changing. Never argue with people, as these conversations soon turn into a fight. —
You compromise?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I do not tolerate those who are in my company, at parties, starts to argue. Call him a cab to leave and not spoil the event. Even on a talk show I once rudely responded to the statement Milanova, but it’s cut. But the program went only because he promised to pay. Wanted to eat. There was another situation: he starred in the film, and the money is delayed by almost two months.—
But then issued a fee?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»Yes. I’m not afraid of any work. Dad taught me that. When the father had no money, he went to the market to trade. I am an ordinary man: do not communicate with some elite, my friends, open people. Once worked as a Santa Claus. My wife and I were dressed as fairytale characters, she was the snow Maiden. We had no money. Explained to her the situation, bought the costumes and went somewhere like the ruble to walk home. While my children were young, I also participated in costumed performances for the New year in kindergarten.
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»
How is your relationship with loved ones? With his wife not in conflict? A few months ago there were rumors that all is bad…
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»And who is good? We often see people smiling on the pages of magazines. All have one problem: they live in prison. People hang tags, gets in a relationship. I’m doing great. —
Do you have a woman that you will remember for a lifetime?
Владимир Епифанцев: «Я спасаю людей от суицида»I every remember. If she somehow was involved in my life, I will remember. I carefully choose a look. The woman has to be receptive, to understand and to love. It is important to be able to respond to a particular situation, to correctly see the world.—
What should be people in a perfect world?
There they will replace the creatures. They will disappear into space. Scientists dream to make a perfect world for all. Everything is built on the ground. You just have to move forward. I’m filming a series for YouTube that will reveal the theme of the meaning of existence, happiness, the hidden human mysteries. It is based on my psychological educational program. This is the story of a man who was released from prison, began working for the bandits, and then shot himself in the head and got to God. He runs with a guy conversation. Then they go to the devil and decide something. In the end, the character is sent back to earth as the second coming.