Vlad Topalov talking about heavy addiction

Влад Топалов заговорил о тяжелой зависимости The singer has touched on a difficult topic. Vlad Topalov wants to help people who suffer from addictions. In this regard, the music star has accepted the offer to become a partner of Maria Frolova, who founded a specialized clinic.

      Влад Топалов заговорил о тяжелой зависимости

      In 2009, Vlad Topalov gave a Frank interview in which has told about struggle with addiction. The singer said that he took banned substances, but in time realized the mistake and decided to put it to rest, returning to normal life.

      After Vlad shared the ordeal through which he had to pass, people simply do not understand, and the discussion of struggle with addiction has become taboo for stars. “I admitted I made a mistake, but I dealt with it. I would like to draw attention to the fact that such people need help, not to look at them with disgust,” – says the artist.

      Recently, however, the singer broke the vow of silence and has touched on a difficult subject, which he preferred to avoid for several years. In his “Instagrame” Vlad announced that it has become a partner of a specialized medical center.

      “The main focus of the clinic is to combat drug addiction, gambling, alcoholism, Smoking and other addictions. Frankly, for me, this topic has been closed for many years, but now I’m ready for an open conversation about this, because now I’m on the other side of the fence and a huge amount of time to dedicate to help those who are struggling with this problem,” – said the star of music fans.
      Влад Топалов заговорил о тяжелой зависимости

      Offer to take part in the project came to Vlad Topalov in the moment when he was busy with a charity initiative for the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Maria Frolova, the founder of medical center “Mojica 10”, going to restart the clinic and asked the singer with the proposal. Topalov became interested and helped with the finances.

      According to the artist, he is very happy that he had the opportunity to be part of such a great initiative. “Sorry, I know I can very well understand people who are in such a situation. And it really bothers me that in our country addiction is such a scary and taboo subject,” added the singer.

      We will remind also that recently Vlad Topalov told about the breakup with his wife Xenia danilidou. Divorce young people was held in March. First, Vlad and Kseniya for a time stopped talking, hoping that things will get better. However, they failed to overcome the crisis in relations. During a candid interview with Topalov noted that he had split up with his wife without scandals. Vlad Topalov hinted at the reason for the divorce