Vlad Topalov started talking about the wedding with new lover

Влад Топалов заговорил о свадьбе с новой возлюбленной The singer open up in the program “the Secret to a million.” Vlad Topalov admitted, that his heart is not free. Since the artist is ready to officially legalize the relationship with the beloved, as the dreams of children.
Влад Топалов заговорил о свадьбе с новой возлюбленной

Vlad Topalov rarely talks about his personal life. After divorcing the previous wife Xenia danilidou, the man prefers not to answer questions concerning relations. However, for the sake of the program “Secret of a million” singer decided to make an exception. He did not conceal that his heart is occupied, and an affair with a new lover is developing rapidly.

“Yeah, I’m not free. Think about the wedding, as very much want children. Would like four kids. However, I fear that it’s a boy, it’s psychological. My relationship with my father was not the best, and I’m not sure I can convey to my son life wisdom. It is very important that current fiancee wants to have my babies. She said this,” – said Topalov.

However, Vlad doesn’t want to hurry, because his previous marriage ended in divorce a year and a half after the official registration of relations. The musician does not deny that he initiated the breakup with ex-wife, because they quarrelled almost every day. According to Topalov, their Union could only save the child, but to conceive a baby did not, despite all the efforts of lovers.

“I hated her dogs. That’s my word, not any of them could not. Moreover, we were often quarrel over nothing. But Ksenia I never changed. Just one day back from vacation, and I realized that it’s not, I’m not happy. He offered his wife to divorce. At that time I liked another girl, and I didn’t want Xenia was hurt,” – said the artist.

After the divorce, Vlad and Kseniya was able to maintain a good relationship. Now they talk a lot, and the girl even touching congratulated ex-husband’s birthday. The artist is proud to have been able to avoid unnecessary conflicts with ex-wife.

Topalov now devotes all free time to business development and help drug addicted people. In recognition of the actor, he for more than three years does not use illicit drugs. “Because of these problems, I lost everything. Money, friends, career — all gone. Now trying to catch up,” shared the actor.

According to Vlad, his income has not yet reached the desired limits. Man wants to ensure a dignified old age for parents and children a comfortable future. It is for these purposes, Topalov intends to work actively on stage and develop their business.