Vlad Topalov revealed the cause of the breakup with his wife

Влад Топалов раскрыл причину расставания с женой
A month ago came the news about the divorce of the singer Vlad Topalov and his wife Xenia danilidou.

Влад Топалов раскрыл причину расставания с женой

The couple were married a year and a half.

The singer decided to reveal the reason for the divorce, explaining that they remained friends.

Влад Топалов раскрыл причину расставания с женой

Family problems began to appear last year, but the couple hoped that they will be able to pass all tests and be together.

“Ksenia is a wonderful man, for two years we suffered a lot. And I will never allow myself to speak ill of her. I would hazard a guess for both of us that the cause of the divorce was our inexperience, unwillingness something to each other to concede. When we started Dating, both were at that age where I want to start a family and settle down.

But it was such a big “boom” – two faced Scorpion (I kind of believe in horoscopes), bright, emotional, strong, fighting. Here and rushed into battle – not even managed to live together only after marriage, we started life,” said Vlad.

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