Vlad Topalov: “I realized that losing everything”

Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю» The popular singer recently divorced and with a head left in work. Vlad Topalov frankly told “StarHit” about how to overcome the addiction and about helping people in need. In addition, the actor shared his plans for the future and revealed details about the new album.
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»

Recently Vlad Topalov has announced that it has become a partner of medical center “Mojica 10”, specializing in the treatment of addictions. In addition, in the singer’s life have been other equally important events: in March, he divorced danilidou Xenia, and a few weeks later released a new video for the song “Dostala”, which many associated with a change in marital status of the artist. However, Topalov such speculation was denied. “StarHit” asked the artist why he decided to help those in need, when you need to have a family, as well as his relationships with loved ones.

Why you accepted the offer to become a partner in the clinic?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»Actually, I have been working on this issue. For me often come in need with requests. I helped them from time to time – someone happy in the clinic, children from poor families help with money if needed to pay for the treatment. Accidentally met at a charity event with Masha (Maria Frolova – head of the center – Approx.ed.) we brought a mutual friend. We got to talking, she said, what, said about the new project. I was wondering, I have read and agreed. So we became partners in this challenging but good work.—
And for some reason you have not disclosed information that help the needy?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»Sometimes it is a mixed reaction from others. At one time I tried to draw the public’s attention, and I all ganged up like I was a leper… In the end I decided to do it for yourself, staying in the shadows.

What are you doing in the partnership?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»Our task was to find good doctors and purchase medical equipment. To be dependent can be from anything — someone can not live without cigarettes, more coffee. We all have our own, it’s a question of mentality. So we have specialists of this profile… All we do is support people who really need help. We have, by the way, there is a special program for the poor, in which I, if I may say so, the sponsor. Always easy to tell when a man really needs the money, and in any case is cheating. —
What is the main task that you set for yourself?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»Probably blasphemous to say that we are promoting this clinic, because I wish it did not exist. So I have been doing similar projects for more than six years, you realize how things really are. Very often the problem is lack of awareness among people. If the people of Moscow know how to act in difficult situations, and those who live, for example, in the suburbs or in other more remote towns, do not even know where to call. It’s like shrouded in mystery and very scary. But addiction is the same disease as any other, but there are other, less dire diagnoses… When in the 2000s I was involved in HIV and AIDS, I went to cities and was able to see this with my own eyes. People don’t know where to go and how to be treated. Therefore, my main task is to convey information that, Yes, there is a problem, it is bad and it needs to be afraid, but do not be afraid to cope with difficulties. —
You yourself are in such institutions?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»I often come and communicate with students, share personal experiences, listen to other people’s stories and trying to convey the right idea. —
Maybe there were some stories that you particularly badly hurt or offended?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»They are almost always very sad and there is nothing supernatural. In most cases, it comes from my childhood… once I met him at the station guy, he drove from St. Petersburg. It is seen that well-dressed, but as they say, one sailor sees from afar. We went to the “Peregrine” conversation. It turned out that he left his wife, and the parents died early. Admitted that “rolls”. We exchanged phone numbers, started talking, I suggested, to which professionals to contact in order to heal. Then even took it to work for some time. I saw that he is recovering, we continued to liaise and now, by the way, talk on the phone. Guy for more than two years “clean”, found a great new place… Personally, I’m very glad I was able to help the person. And there are many such people.—
What do you think, what is addiction?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»The desire to numb negative emotions in any way from the outside. Perhaps this is to some extent a weakness and a kind of a way out… Someone seizes, the other “zanyuhivaesh”, drink, smoke. —
That at one time helped you to understand the problem?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»At some point I realized that I lose everything and my path is already determined by the situation and not myself. And sooner or later it would lead me only to one outcome. I was very tensed because I did not notice my existence, idle and cheerful, turned into one track where there was nothing — no friends, no parents, no girlfriend, no job. I realized that you need to decide, because somewhere very close to the point of no return. If I continued the same way on, then after a couple of years would have ended his life, bringing pain to loved ones, and everyone would say: “Yes, Topalov, of course, weak”. In another case I could, on the contrary, become successful, rich, healthy and happy family man. As a result, I chose the second option.
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»
Perhaps on the medical center your work in the field of charity is not limited to?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»I am now closely engaged in the newly opened clinic will participate in projects related to it. We have an agreement with the interior Ministry planned to work with children and adolescents. We travel around schools and universities. Also cooperate with the Foundation “colors of life”. Do what you can.—
I guess you are very busy. How often I get a free moment?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»Everything is relative. If we compare with the President often, but if with my little sister, no. From time to time falls. I work and on the weekends, and on weekdays. When you have a free moment, I go to my parents at the cottage, go to the theatre and cinema. I love to lie down and just watch the show, read a book… Just my job does not bother me. I’m in a rush, if I’m sitting in the Studio until midnight. Yes, it’s hard sometimes, but the idea to do something else does not arise. —
Charitable also gives you positive emotions?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»Of course, because when you begin to learn to rejoice not only receiving but also giving, in this case, it is always twice as nice… Yes, I love it when I give gifts, I am very selfish, I always like attention, care and affection. But this one will not be full. The ability to help people is a big talent, and he needs to learn. Although I don’t think are doing enough. I do a little, but as long as it turns out. Could probably more. —
There is a view that after thirty years the man begins a revision of life values…
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»I can say that I started adult life. By the age of 30 I was already married, and I had more responsibility and awareness.—
Don’t have any desire to hang out less than, say, ten years ago?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»I did spend less time at parties. First, in my life had enough of partying, I’m tired, I’m not interested. Second, sit down and talk with a person in silence is much better than shouting in a club: “How are you?” I don’t feel any pleasure, but rather a burden. So when people come in the night of the event, I usually miss them. —
And with the fans support communication?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»Yes, mostly in the official group in “Vkontakte”. There, we organize contests, something. Watching what is happening there. Can’t say that this strongly depends. I’m curious what they say, but I’m not shaking from the negative reviews. I absolutely do not care — I read it and forgot… However I think it is important to devote time to the fans, because we live in the age of information technology. Now people don’t want to just listen to music. Having the opportunity to communicate via social networking, they want to leave their comments. So I can say, forced to adapt to it.

Fans strongly get?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»I believe that the popularity of the profession. To the attention of the people with respect, I love that, and I try to be grateful for. If I want to take a picture and ask for an autograph, eager to go forward. —
What are the most unusual presents from fans ever get?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»I have a special room in the office in which to store the gifts… I gave a rabbit, a samurai sword, bicycles, a variety of clothing items, tea sets. Once one girl got a tattoo with my face on the hand and sent the photo. I was surprised and said, “Why?”
Interestingly, and you have idols?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»No, but there are a huge number of performers, whose creativity follow. John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith. I pretty much listen to different music… by the Way, just in may I’m flying with my sister to London for a concert of John Mayer, we love it. —
It seems that you and your sister are very close. How she supports you?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»We communicate very well with Alina. We even have office one to two. She always listens to my songs and watching what and how I do, advises, criticises and praises.

Parents too, can you criticize?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»It is their function… But we are in friendly relations. I always turn to them for advice because the older generation is in any case wiser. The sooner you begin to understand that it is necessary to listen, the better. Evaluation by parents is very important to me. For example, after I recently gave an interview about divorce and the clinic, I called mom and dad and praised. Said: “well Done, so beautiful and intelligent said.” —
Journalists wrote that you broke up with wife friends. Continue to support dialogue?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»We are in neutral relationship. —
When do you think it is better to start a family?
Влад Топалов: «Я понял, что все теряю»It is difficult to say. I think that all depends on the person, from the time he was old enough. Someone earlier, some later. Every man should feel when he’s ready. As for me, I, of course, like all normal people, I want to be happy in marriage. —
In conclusion, I would like to ask about what plan to surprise fans. Recently you have released a new clip, but what else to expect from you?
I finished building the Studio. It lasted more than two years and is finally over. Now spend a lot of time. I was able to gather a great team of guys-minded. Write an album. I won’t lie and say when will be the premiere release, because for me it is very special. It is important that my work was of high quality. I became open-minded towards what I do. Maybe the album will be released in the fall.