Влад Топалов сделал предложение Регине Тодоренко Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov officially became the groom and the bride. The singer made a proposal to his girlfriend in France. The TV presenter shared the happy event in his microblog.
Влад Топалов сделал предложение Регине Тодоренко

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov tried not to advertise their relationship, leaving the most intimate for two. However, the birthday presenter, they still celebrated together in London than shared with fans. Since then, the happy faces of the lovers could be the envy of any guest of the capital measures, which they invariably appeared under the arm.

But recently the couple went to Corsica, where 32-year-old singer and made treasured proposed to his sweetheart. So, Regina has shared a photograph, which shows gorgeous engagement ring on her ring finger.

“Agree,” simply signed by the presenter.

The lovers immediately rushed to congratulate their star friends. In the comments to touching write tender words pair expressed Dayneko, Nadezhda Dorofeeva, ayza Dolmatova and many others.

By the way, it is still unknown when the novel stars. In mid-may, the screens out the next issue of “heads and Tails”, which Regina and Vlad spent together. Then, between them, literally, sparks were flying, and fans began to seriously discuss a secret relationship artists. And only recently the lovers no longer hide their feelings, traveling together and attending social events.

Earlier Todorenko admitted to fans that she’s finally met the right person, next to whom I would like to spend the rest of my life.

“My friend Vlad is now on stage, and I miss him! And you have found a friend for life?” — shared the happiness of Todorenko.

Now fans are wondering about when and where will the wedding of their idols. Some have speculated that the lovers be sure to organize a celebration abroad, because they both just love to travel.

Quite a climb Topalov and Todorenko now experiencing not only in personal life but also in career. The singer often performs at major venues, and his choice leads his own show on television. One can only hope that all these creative projects, lovers will be able to find time to organize a dream wedding.

By the way, that for 28-year-old child star’s first marriage, but the musician was already married. In 2015, he married longtime girlfriend Xenia danilidou, but after two years the couple divorced.