Vlad Topalov goes through a tough challenge in marriage

Влад Топалов проходит через серьезное испытание в браке The singer hardly gets used to a new life. Vlad Topalov and his wife, the daughter of Russian oligarch Xenia Danilin, are preparing to become parents. However, the artist is not easy to get along with Pets, wife.

      Wedding of Vlad Topalov and Ksenia danilidou came as a surprise to many fans of the singer. The actor long concealed relationship with the daughter of a Russian oligarch. But now he gladly shares his happiness on his page in Instagram.

      Ex-member of “Smash!” does not hide love for his wife. And yet, in his marriage there is one caveat, which does not allow to fully relax at home artist. Topalov can not get along with Pets of his half. A neighborhood four-legged friends Vlad poisons life. And Ksenia are not ready to sacrifice for the beloved.

      “My dogs were a serious trial for us. The fact that the boy’s complicated relationship with animals, and I have 12 years of volunteer dog is a part of me. I accept his way of life with tours, concerts – and please accept mine with my dogs. While friendship does not consist in them,” he complained Xenia.

      It turns out that the artist feeds negative feelings to animals in childhood. Vlad is struggling to cope with him, but realizes that in family life we have to reckon with the interests of the second half. So he tries to love dogs, Ksenia, to make her happy.

      “You see, all my life I couldn’t stand the miniature dogs and now the two dog live with us. It’s the same as if your loved one is bred snakes, and they crawled through the apartment. I am a grown man, the personality, and it’s hard for me so take and love them overnight but I’m working on it,” admitted Vlad.

      Love my wife! Love my life ! #vladtopalov #vt #love #vlachopoulou

      Photos published Vlad Topalov (@vladtopalovofficial) Jun 7, 2016 at 5:25 PDT

      Recall, the couple formalized their relationship in September last year. The lovers got married in Kutuzovsky registry office of the capital. The ceremony was attended by only the closest people pair. By the way, sister Topalov has published on his page a photo taken right after the official part of the ceremony, Vlad and Kseniya. For the event the bride chose a modest outfit that accentuates her figure.

      Vlad Topalov married the daughter of a millionaire

      Now Vlad and Kseniya admit that they dream about having children. “We have already prepared for this. I want three or four, – concluded Xenia in an interview with “Hello!”. – Who will be first, no matter, it’s how God decides. Most importantly, the children were healthy!”

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