Влад Топалов похвастался роскошным подарком от возлюбленной
Singer became the happiest person in the world.

Влад Топалов похвастался роскошным подарком от возлюбленной

Vlad Topalov

Photo: @vladtopalovofficial Instagram of Vlad Topalov

Vlad Topalov shared his happiness with fans. He gave his “dream”, making him the happiest man in the world. What could bring the singer so much joy? The best gift for Vlad was the acoustic guitar. About why he dreamed about it, he said in comments in social networks.

“Today I have a great holiday! I finally got to my gift! Joy — an unimaginable number! I am the happiest on earth! If anyone is interested, I tell. This acoustic guitar Martin Ed Sheeran Signature model! 1) super compact 2) have the pickups (you can play) 3) it is unique , its characteristic sound! 4) all money from the sales of all of his guitars will go to charity — said Vlad. — Thank you to everyone who participated in the operation for the delivery of this guitar in Moscow. And, of course, the one who gave and once again made me the happiest man on earth! Thank you, dear.”

Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov was found after years of strife

The last phrase interested fans particularly hard. Topalov has openly admitted that the gift he made some girl, being with him in a relationship. “If I had a sister — talk groupies. — Vlad would have written. The more she is on Instagram. So a new novel?” Recently, the media discussed the possible “affair” Vlad Regina Todorenko. But the TV star, and the singer denied these rumors. The identity of the mysterious girl has not yet revealed. fans hope that soon Vlad will talk about Dating.