Vlad Topalov about pregnancy sweetheart: “I’m Afraid that it’s a boy…”

Влад Топалов о беременности возлюбленной: «Боюсь, что родится мальчик...»
The singer talked about his new novel.

Vlad Topalov

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

In March of this year, Vlad Topalov once again became a free man. Soon after the divorce, as it turned out, the actor is in a new relationship. Now the former soloist of group “Smash!” is already getting ready for the new wedding and the birth of children. Vlad is planning the addition of four children and dreams exclusively about her daughters.

“Thinking about the wedding, as very much want children. Would like four kids. However, I fear that it’s a boy, it’s psychological. My relationship with my father was not the best, and I’m not sure I can convey to my son life wisdom. It is very important that current fiancee wants to have my babies!” — happy 32-year-old Vlad.

The theme of the birth of children is difficult for Topalov. Problems with conceiving a baby became one of the reasons of his divorce from his first wife. Xenia, the daughter of a millionaire, could not make Vlad a child that he wanted. In addition, after the wedding in 2015, it was revealed that the singer can’t carry on the spirit dogs of his half. “I hated her dogs. That’s my word, not any of them could not. Moreover, we were often quarrel over nothing. But Ksenia I never changed. Just one day back from vacation, and I realized that it’s not, I’m not happy. He offered his wife to divorce!” — said Vlad in the “million dollar Secret”.

Now in life, Topalov began a streak of light: he overcame addiction to drugs, successfully underwent surgery on his vocal cords and went into business. Now he is ready again to pursue their music career.