Vlad Topalov about divorce: “I’m fine”

Влад Топалов о разводе: «У меня все хорошо» The artist commented on the rumors about the breakup. Vlad Topalov does not seek to discuss the personal life, stressing that he has everything in order. The musician married Ksenia danilidou, the daughter of a millionaire, in September 2015.

      Влад Топалов о разводе: «У меня все хорошо»

      The former lead singer of the band Smash!! Vlad Topalov divorces his wife Xenia danilidou after a year and half after the wedding. In the microblog artist for several months did not appear joint photograph with his wife that was very alarmed and upset fans of the singer. According to rumors, the couple has already filed for divorce and is waiting for official confirmation about the termination of the marriage. “StarHit” contacted Vlad Topalov, to clarify the situation. The actor surprised your divorce, however to confirm or deny it was not.

      “I have all day today broken phone. I can’t understand where these rumors. I did not want to comment on it, bullshit. I’m fine,” – said the musician.
      Влад Топалов о разводе: «У меня все хорошо»

      Relatives also refuse to clarify the situation. Sister Vlad Alina, who was so incredibly happy wedding couples, did not comment on the alleged discord in family life relatives.

      Vlad Topalov married Ksenia danilidou, daughter of a wealthy businessman, in September 2015. Lovers are literally glowed with happiness next to each other. A pair of combined legal marriage in Kutuzovsky registry office, and sister Topalov never ceased to share with fans photos of the ceremony. Xenia chose a modest close-fitting dress, which favorably emphasize her figure, and the celebration was attended by the closest relatives and friends. Vlad Topalov married the daughter of a millionaire

      Despite the fact that Vlad was not ashamed to confess his love to your soul mate after the wedding, he told me that there are some nuances that do not allow him to fully enjoy family life. The man complained that he could not accept the love of a wife for four-legged Pets, and she can’t imagine her life without animals. She has admitted that she made concessions and takes regular tours, performances of his wife, and therefore expected him to make some sacrifices.

      Topalov and Danilina has long dreamed of adding to the family. They reasoned that I would like to raise three or four children. However, a year and a half spent in the marriage and decided not to become parents.