Vlad Stashevsky told why left the stage

Влад Сташевский поведал, почему ушел со сцены
Known in the ‘ 90s, singer Vlad Stashevsky has for a long time ceased to be on stage.

Влад Сташевский поведал, почему ушел со сцены

According to the artist, now he is busy in other projects and solo work, he is now not interested.

“I do not give rest laurels of Zapashny brothers and I began taming poodles – says man. – So far, however, yielded only one – my home. And this is the best my friend today. In addition, I have a business for 15 years, there is a company that engaged in the disposal of liquid chemicals. Of course, it’s more income than I had when I was an artist then I received a penny”.

Stashevsky now happily married to second wife, from whom he brings up 10-year-old son.

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