Vlad Sokolovsky, who refused to eat, shared the results of the experiment. Photo The singer showed his steel press to his followers/

Vlad Sokolovsky, who refused food, shared the results of the experiment. Photo 31-year-old Russian singer Vlad Sokolovsky, during a family vacation in Bali, decided to take austerity (a conscious rejection of something for the sake of a specific goal – ed.) and went on a hunger strike for a whole 7 days. Yes, not alone, but together with his father, 57-year-old Andrey Sokolovsky. “Vlad Sokolovsky, who refused to eat, shared the results of the experiment. Photo” />

For a whole week, the artist and his dad did not eat anything at all, and drank only water from drinks. On the night before the last day of the test, the artist got in touch with fans and spoke about his health, and also shared the results achieved.

“It was very powerful. What I came with, those requests with which I went, worked out this asceticism as it should. Well, physically cool. The body has been cleansed, the processes have adjusted, and this is an excellent foundation to further build everything as I planned, ”Vlad said on his page on social networks.

The singer demonstrated to the subscribers of his blog the consequences of a seven-day fast.

“This is what it led to from a visual point of view: everything is gone, everything has dried up very much,” the musician noted and showed a bare stomach with a relief press to the camera. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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