Vlad Sokolovsky was not allowed on the plane in Samara

Влада Соколовского не пустили в самолёт в Самаре

The famous singer Vlad Sokolovsky could not fly from Samara airport. The singer’s tour was in jeopardy due to the fact that the singer didn’t print my e-ticket.

“Today we not departed from Samara. The reason? The most idiotic reason in my life! Unopened e-ticket! I asked the company representatives: “are You serious?” They replied “Yes”. It was their only “Yes” for a whole day” — Vlad wrote on his page in the social network and explained that on the way to the airport they got stuck in traffic and minor late, by three minutes. Vlad and his team knew that check-in for boarding closes forty minutes before departure, but since they were registered in advance, we did not attach much importance. And for good reason. The representative of the airline with which they “fly for a thousand years” and which “is in their rider as desirable”, do not even bother to explain the reason, just told them “no” through the administrator.
“We were in complete shock, because we had thirty five minutes before departure, we were without Luggage, and the only thing he said is unopened ticket” — Sokolov is indignant. The singer admitted that he, like millions of other airline passengers, not in the habit of printing electronic tickets.
It is noteworthy that at a time when the singer and his shocked team stood near the control over this airport caused other latecomers. Vlad decided to investigate the situation and went in search of the representative of the airline. At first, the man silently listened to the claims of the actor and even in his eyes was not looking, and then ran away.
“He ran away like a little girl in school pulling pigtails.. I believe that such people – shame on the airline, and that such workers have to drive in the neck”— said the singer. In the end they had to pay for new tickets at 5,000 rubles. It is still unknown whether Sokolovsky to claim compensation from the airline in court, or forgive them this.

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