Влад Соколовский оправдался за слухи о нетрадиционной ориентации The musician turned to the haters. Vlad Sokolovsky claims that in the period of his participation in the group “Bis” PR team intends to create a myth about their same-sex love does Bikbaeva. The young man advises fans to be kinder to the stars.

Vlad Sokolovsky has gained fabulous popularity at quite a young age. 16 years he has conquered girls ‘ hearts, being a member of the band “Bis”. Now the artist works solo and, by his own admission, is often faced with negativity from the fans. The young man decided to recall how once the prejudices associated with his name, was almost ruined his career.

“When it accumulates the wave of negativity, I just remember a group of “Encore” when fotoshopnye craftsmen fabricated photos where Dima kissing. I then tried to put gay. Here is what happened then, and I had to look at it and be silent, as our PR people were forbidden to speak the truth,” said the young man.

Now, the artist happily married to singer Rita Dakota. Recently they had a daughter, and now the couple spend a long vacation in Bali, where the share of solar images. Despite the reputation, Vlad still faced with a negative public comment, somehow related to his sexual orientation.

“We try, produced music videos, vlogs, and photo projects. A lot of work to make something worthwhile, and people after a long time, when seemingly everything is already forgotten, let’s just say that will not even watch or listen to these “freaks”. That’s the job of the subconscious, and that’s a fact”, – said Sokolowski.

Previously beloved Vlad Rita Dakota told me that the wife of a close friend is spreading about a young woman unflattering information. However, the most offensive to the artist was that many of her fans believe unconfirmed sources, and then turn away from the singer.

Many subscribers Sokolowski Instagram came to his defense. They urged the artist not to draw attention to unflattering criticism and insults. Vlad in his post said that he and Rita have long since learned not to respond to a large part of the offensive accusations against him. However, sometimes the haters pass all bounds, forcing the star a few personally apply to the offenders.

Despite the negativity and the constant rumours associated with his name, Sokolowski does not intend to stop there. The man and his wife have many plans for the near future, which means that they will certainly delight fans of outstanding performances and new hits.