Vlad Sokolovsky spoke about the divorce from Rita Dakota Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota divorced with a loud scandal in 2018 year.

Vlad Sokolovsky spoke about his divorce from Rita Dakota The singer caught her husband in numerous betrayal and decided to tell everyone about it. This topic has been discussed in the media for a long time, and Dakota herself actively contributed to this, revealing more and more details of the breakup.

Vlad Sokolovsky spoke about his divorce from Rita Dakota

Sokolovsky preferred to remain silent, but years later he decided to speak frankly about that period.

“The specific guilt lay on me. I realized it, I understood that in that situation there were victims, there were guilty. It was important for me to go through a period of self-flagellation as a person who has a conscience. Many people simply begin to defend themselves. At that moment I I realized that it was important for me not to lose touch with the child.In all conversations, with all lawyers, assistants and personally, I said: “Ready for all options. The main thing is not to limit my communication with the child,” Vlad said on Alexander Dobrovinsky's channel.

Despite the offense, Rita did not interfere with Sokolovsky's communication with her daughter. Over time, the former spouses were able to establish communication and even spend time with the child in the company of a friend friend and current lovers.

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