Vlad Sokolovsky showed the first daughter

Влад Соколовский показал первый снимок дочери Last week the singer and his lover Rita Dakota became parents. In the star pair had a daughter MIA. After the birth of a girl artist for the first time published her picture. Fans actively comment on the frame.

Throughout the pregnancy the wife of Vlad Sokolovsky Rita Dakota actively shared with subscribers in Instagram the latest news personal life. The star couple told the fans what their joint appointments, what sex will the unborn child, and for a few weeks, the artists announced the name of the baby. Vlad and Rita had to name her MIA.

On the extract, Dakota was family. To mark the important occasion, they tried the costumes on the characters of the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” and hung balloons everywhere, pink. Happy father Vlad Sokolovsky decided to share the first picture of daughter with fans.

“I can’t not kiss. I think many will understand me”. – said Vlad fans.

After the birth of their daughter Sokolowski and Dakota took many congratulations on the addition to the family. The young mother felt fine and immediately began to share feelings of motherhood in social networks. “The baby is constantly on the hands and she always wants to eat,” shared Rita. She also asked friends to call Vlad, if you have important questions. In turn, Sokolov admitted that he is excited to be a father.

“We plunged into crazy happiness! Small regularly eats, sleeps a lot, and it also very much pleases us. Very hard now to break away from MIA’s, I want to be with just girls 24/7, even holidays take. Thank you all for your congratulations, kind words and support! (…) Thank you for rejoicing with us! Friends, love each other sincerely, make each other happy, have babies, build a family and do not be afraid”, – said the singer to fans.

It is worth noting that Dakota in recent months continued to appear at social events in dresses, does not hide its interesting position from the public. “Pregnancy is space, I can tell you. Do not believe those who say the opposite” – shared Dakota.