Vlad Sokolovsky showed a touching photo with newborn daughter

Влад Соколовский показал трогательное фото с новорожденной дочерью
The singer is actively helping his wife with the child.

Photo: Instagram

The daughter of Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota just one week, but it has already become a real star personal blogs of their parents. Just a few days ago Rita with baby MIA was discharged from the hospital, but they are already quite settled in a country house. Dakota does not get tired, because she has a lot of helpers: mom, girlfriends and, of course, Vlad. He’s only 26, but he has already proved himself as a great father: supported favorite during childbirth, shed a tear when I heard the first cry of my daughter, and now always carries her in his arms and gives his wife to sleep peacefully. He briefly freed himself from work to all of their time to devote to their favorite girls, Rita and MIA.

While little most of the day sleeping. Parents even have time to miss the daughter.

“She lies, sleeping peacefully, not bothering anyone, and I sit on it, admire and wait, — said Dakota. — When it wakes up again to carry it on the handles, squeeze and kiss?”

Recall, MIA was born on October 23, height 52 cm, weighing 3280 grams in one of elite maternity homes of Moscow. Of her birth, Vlad and his friends took a film that was shared with fans on her Youtube channel.