Влад Соколовский спасает жену от болезни Rita Dakota glad beside her is a beloved man. Vlad Sokolovsky trying to alleviate the suffering of his wife. Singer happy every day, sitting down with her chosen one.

      The graduate of “factory of stars-7” Rita Dakota complained of health problems. As reported by the singer, she came down with acute tonsillitis due to conditioning. Moreover, the actress had a high fever. However, Rita was not discouraged – she was pleased that her husband Vlad Sokolovsky was standing next to her. Despite illness, the singer comes up with interesting activities to spend time.

      “Yesterday the temperature was over 40. Don’t remember anything, slept all day on the arms of people he loved. Today the temperature is almost there, but throat is burning in hell, unable to eat or to swallow, speak with difficulty. But there are positive aspects: you can read all the articles saved in notes for months, you can lie with your brother and watch bloody horror movies, and even lose weight for free is possible. Thank you all for your advice and support, I survived,” wrote Rita in the microblog.

      Photos published DAKOTA (@ritadakota) Jun 17 2016 at 2:34 PDT

      Fans were quick to sympathize with the graduate of “factory of stars” and wished her a speedy recovery. “I also now anginosa hell. The most horrible horror of all diseases”, “get Well soon, sweetie! A little bit more and all will be well! Get well, recover”, “get Well soon! Angina is a terrible horror!” – wrote words of support to the loyal fans of the performer.

      Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota got married last year. They met nine years ago while participating in a music project “Factory of stars”. Many fans were glad when young and talented musicians have created a family. Rita Dakota recognizes that happy every day, which is held with your spouse.

      “God, I love this man. Well, because it is impossible to love! We together the third year, and I’m still in the morning, thank the heavens for the fact that the best people on earth fell in love with me. This is not ideal, strange, broken. Fell in love and took him under the wing. And now everything is different…”, – admitted the singer on the pages of his microblog.

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