Vlad Sokolovsky quarreling at the airport

Влад Соколовский поскандалил в аэропорту By not allowed on the plane due to the fact that it was not printed e-ticket. The popular singer was outraged by the behavior of airline staff and told about the incident to his fans on the social network.

      Влад Соколовский поскандалил в аэропорту

      Vlad Sokolovsky could not fly from Samara, where on weekends he played the concert. Popular artist refused to let aboard the plane, as it didn’t print my e-ticket. What happened at the airport, Vlad said in his microblog. Young people until recently did not believe that I won’t put him on the flight.

      “I asked the company representatives: “are You serious?” They replied “Yes”. It was their only “Yes” for the whole day. Now the details. On the way to the airport we got stuck in traffic, but the delay was not significant: three minutes. We know that the registration ends 40 minutes before departure, but we were already registered, so not even worried. Sometimes we even delayed the aircraft… I’m not saying it’s good, and we’re good, this is just an example which speaks only of the gallant representatives of the airline!”, – shared with fans Sokolowski.

      The singer said that the representatives of the airline did not explain the reason, only emphasizing the lack of a printed e-ticket. According to Sokolovsky, this airline they didn’t fly the first time, and never such problems did not arise.

      “We were standing near the monitor and listened to the whole airport late cause other people on the same flight, imagine? We went to the airline office, and there was the most wonderful representative, who even in the face mumbled, looking at me, and I could not really Express their thoughts! When I started berating him, he just ran like a little girl, which have been pulling pigtails at school”, – said Vlad.

      By the team he himself had to pay more than 80% of the cost of the first ticket to buy new, which caused General discontent. Fans expressed sympathy for the singer in the comments to its social network: “as a human being to you and your team sorry, Incompetent company – it’s a joint company, not customers”, “It’s all temporary difficulties with the flights, everything happens in life!”.

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