Vlad Sokolovsky moved his pregnant wife to a new home

Влад Соколовский перевез беременную жену в новый дом
Rita Dakota cried with happiness.

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky on the eve of the birth of his first child moved out of the city. Previously, they lived in a small apartment in the North of Moscow, but the thought that the child will be much healthier fresh air.

New house they bought a few months ago and all this time there was a repair. Now it is necessary to furnish completely and to prepare for the emergence of a new family member Sokolowski. I wonder what the baby who will be born until the end of autumn, is not just a private room but a whole floor! Rita and Vlad are not exchanged on the little things, so I decided that the child should be a lot of personal space.

“The cat in shock sits under the bed the second day, all the things in the boxes on the porch and around the house, to the kitchen pass the kettle to turn the whole quest, my mother arrived from Minsk to help and rotten as a slave on the plantations, poor, Rita shared her emotions about the move and new home. — To go downtown now as much as a half hour. But the most beloved man in the world has done to me here is the repair that I came in and my jaw at the beautiful new parquet floors fell off. Frankly, yesterday I cried. Direct cried. Moving is such a stress robust design, “pregnant”, the move is double kick, and to move from beloved small flats, where have you been the best 3 years of my life very happy — it’s all pain. I’m very attached to things, places, people. I hate to change favorite holey sneakers exactly the same new, what can we say about his St. beloved. But life is a huge, amazing adventure. Since moving to Moscow in 17 years, I learn to make new stages (even the difficult and seemingly insurmountable) with an open heart and love, to see in all only invaluable knowledge, wisdom, growth, and new opportunities. I — city dweller to the core, I hate the woods for mushrooms, I hate mosquitoes, I hate it when there is no 24 hours convenience store within walking distance, I hate mites in a favorite cat, I hate to plan each day so carefully, but I love your family, your husband and your child so much that they are willing to live even in the Tundra in a tent, knowing that they would be so comfortable!”