Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota became parents for the first time

Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота стали родителями в первый раз The couple celebrated a long-awaited addition to the family. Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota accept congratulations from relatives and friends. Throughout the pregnancy Rita Dakota continued to go about their usual business and appear in public.
Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота стали родителями в первый раз

As it became known “StarHit”, Rita Dakota gave her husband Vlad Sokolovsky charming girl. The couple decided to call her MIA. Now Rita is recovering from childbirth and receiving congratulations from loved ones.

Later Sokolowski confirmed the addition to the family. The artist has published in the microblog post, in which he shared details of the joyous event. According to Vlad, they became the parents of Rita 23 October at 19:35. The young people there was a girl, height 52 cm and weighing 3 kg to 280 grams.

“Baby, you my everything, you know, thank you for the most incredible gift in my life! It’s just a space”, – Sokolovsky turned to Dakota.
Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота стали родителями в первый раз

In turn, Rita Dakota explained that she and her husband decided to wait two days before you announce a new addition to the family. “Today we decided to tell everyone who waiting for the promised news, what were the thoughts and soul with us all last time…” – said the singer.

For the first time about the pregnancy Rita Dakota became known in late may. Then his wife gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he spoke about the upcoming replenishment in the family. According to the artists, the child was conceived during their honeymoon in Bali. As it turned out, Rita always wanted to be a mother. When the singer and musician said that she doesn’t like the phrase “planned child”.

After Dakota decided to speak about the future baby, she began to keep a diary in Instagram, in which he talked about his preparation for the big event. The singer not only shared their emotions and consulted with the subscribers, but every time he mentioned what week of pregnancy she is.

For some time before the completion of the family Rita said that her family is constantly calling with questions about the baby. Dakota turned to the public to put them at ease and said that she will talk about the birth of the first child. The actress tries to be as open as possible with your audience. By the way, a few weeks before the awaited event, the singer did not limit their activities and continued to do normal things.

“I have just started the 40th week, and I had my baby. And even in the hospital left. On the contrary, yesterday wrote the song and sopris, today a movie, tomorrow at 15:00 to the beautician. Thank you for your concern, for compassion, for caring. But not anticipate events and don’t push a pregnant woman. I promise that as soon as that happens, you will be the first, we have always been as open with their audience, not ashamed and not hiding his personal life. (…) Our happiness love sincerity, openness and honesty, inspiring other people to their own”, commented Rita.